Position paper on the New EU Consumer Agenda: the case of diamond terminology

On the 6th of October, the European Federation of Jewellery sent its contribution to the European Commission on the consultation on the New EU Consumer Agenda. By its answer, the EFJ wished to flag the issue of diamond terminology, that can be misleading for the consumer.

Here are the key points:
❖ The EFJ applauds the European Commission’s willingness to reinforce consumer rights by proposing a new EU Consumer Agenda. The Federation considers that consumers must receive full and accurate information on the products they buy in order to make informed choices.
❖ The EFJ is committed to contributing to the current reflection of the European Commission in order to shape an ambitious European consumer policy up to today’s challenges and wishes to flag the issue of diamond terminology in this position paper.
❖ Protecting consumers against misleading and fraudulent advertising practices on diamonds, which own high financial and emotional value, is perfectly in line with the current EU political agenda. To achieve this goal, the EFJ advocates the adoption of an EU legal (or legally binding) definition that would:

  • define the characteristics of a natural and synthetic diamond and the fundamental differences between them.
  • oblige the trade to accurately inform consumers, by means of a certificate, about the jewellery product they are purchasing.


EJF position paper: new consumer agenda: the case of the diamond terminology

EFJ infographic: Diamond terminology